Learn to play with RMM

The RMM Pipe Band program is comprised of motivated youth, teens and adults between the ages 6-65 and receives weekly instrument instruction from members of the World Champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band. Under the SFU Pipe Band organizational umbrella, students & players are exposed to the highest levels of world class instruction in both bagpipes and drums throughout the entire program.

All RMM classes are held Tuesday evenings (7:00-8:15pm for Intro & Beginner, 7-9pm for all bands) at the SFU Campus in Burnaby under the direction of SFU Pipe Band players P/M Alan Bevan, P/M Terry Lee (SFUPB-P/M Emeritus), SFU P/S Jack Lee, SFU L/D Reid Maxwell and numerous other world class SFUPB players and other guest instructors. Classes are based on enrollment each year however are maintained at the lowest possible student to teacher ratio possible in our Intro and Beginner Instrument classes. Placement in our bands is at the discretion of the Band Instructors.

RMM bands travels to Scotland only when bands are ready to be successful on the world stage which has routinely been on "average" every other year. The program, due to it's international nature, routinely brings players together from around the globe who seek an opportunity to becoming a part of our World Pipe Band championship team.

During years where the band is not competing in Scotland, students in our competition bands travel across British Columbia and the Pacidfic Northwest; Washington and Oregon States, as well as the odd foray into Southern California.

In addition to competing with the RMM Pipe Bands, some of our players go on to perform with other pipe bands around the globe or remain right here at home and join either non competition bands or can become a part of the six time World Champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band!

As well as participating in a world class pipe band environment on a weekly basis from September - July yearly, British Columbia students enrolled in our pipe band program are also eligible for BC Secondary School credits and all Canadian resident students are eligible for "Fine Arts Income Tax" credits who are under the age of 16 years.

Students joining our band program are also actively involved in community events including the Telus Walk for the Cure, the Scotia Bank Half Marathon, numerous Canada Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies & events plus twice yearly Simon Fraser University Convocations and other awards ceremonies.

Families interested in trying a Beginner Instrument class or joining one of our competition bands are welcome to visit Simon Fraser University on a Tuesday night starting in mid September 2017. All classes are held at the Burnaby Mountain campus of SFU in Burnaby, BC and your inclusion in the class is welcome after contacting our band Secretary at registrar@sfupipeband.com.


RMM instructors are led by SFU Pipe-Major Alan Bevan, Pipe-Sergeant Jack Lee, Lead Drummer Reid Maxwell. Alan has won the World Championship with the band on several occasions. Alan has performed as a featured soloist at the band's concerts at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto, the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, the Sydney Opera House, and both the Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall in New York.

Jack Lee who is one of the most distinguished pipers in the world, has a lengthy list of accomplishments including Gold Medals at Oban and Inverness plus an ever increasing list of awards and other achievements every year.

Reid Maxwell who has won the World Pipe Band championships with three different bands, has led two of the pipe band drum corps to multiple World Drumming Championship titles as well.

All of our other instructors are current and or former members of the SFU Pipe Band, aspiring veteran players from within our RMM Grade 2 Pipe Band or former World Pipe Band champions from other bands who all work in partnership under the umbrella of the SFU Pipe Band organization.