Being one of the largest youth pipe bands in Canada requires many, many uniforms, and instruments/equipment; as well as the general expenses of keeping the bands running. It takes considerable financial resources to keep the bands operating with minimal barriers to participation.



The majority of the uniform components - the kilt, sporran, belt, vest, hat badge, sweater, flashes, jacket, tie are supplied by RMMPB. Most of our uniforms are more than 23 years old and are in need of replacement. Further, our existing uniform inventory was originally purchased for adult band members, and with the success of the program and the growth of band membership, we require uniforms sized more appropriately for younger, smaller members. This means that we require a larger inventory of band-provided components – this comes with an increased cost.


Some of the introduction/training instruments, as well as the drums and parts for the bag pipes are provided by RMMPB.

Although, there are yearly dues paid by the members of the band, the expenses for the uniforms, and instruments are continuous. In order to keep the fees reasonable, we engage in many fundraising activities throughout the year, including a yearly Robbie Burns Dinner and Performance in January, pub nights, Ford Drive Event, and a clothing drive.

Upcoming fundraising events

Robbie Burns Dinner – January each year

The Robert Malcolm Memorial Youth Pipe Band will be celebrating twenty plus years of excellence and leadership for youth by hosting their annual Robbie Burns Dinner.

The six-time World Champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band will be performing at this event. Also performing will be six-time World Juvenile Champions, Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band (RMMPB), which for the upcoming season will have bands at grade II, III, IV and V.

More information on how to reserve your tickets will be posted on the Robbie Burns page.


To donate funds directly to the band you can visit our donations page for more information.